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PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:17 am 
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Hello family!

My name is Ignacio

* I'm 23
* I'm from Spain
* I'm a direct response advertiser, copywriter and entrepreneur

6 and a half Months ago, one of my mentors told me to start looking up for quantum physics docs online (in order to get rid of a damaging world view that was only physical matter and nothing more)

and I did go very deep into the topic, tons of hours of research and reasoning boy...

There was one YT video about Tom talking with a biologist, I watched the entire thing, and then I started to look for more material about Tom.

Then, i started to notice that he was mixing quantum physics knowledge with spiritualism, and I thought "Wow this is quite interesting"

One of the topics that got my COMPLETE ATTENTION was that you can get out of your body like a ghost..and see your physical body?!

* OMG, Really that thing is possible?

* How you can do that?

* That means all my life has been HUGE LIE?! I'm Immortal?

* What does it really mean?


I did a quick review of the big toe book, got an action plan and I setup an experiment testing....

I said to myself "I will have the open minded to do an experiment for 2 weeks. I will go to my bed each night, I will relax and I will set the intention to get out of the body and see what happens"


In the first night something happened, I started to get some weird vibrations, I never have those on my entire life, On that moment I knew that something was working, and this Out of body topic have some truth in it, otherwise I would not vibrate like a battery.

I tried to do some BRUTE FORCE right away in the first night, my heart started to get excited, hands and feet shaking...I didn't get success

But I knew that this HAS to be real, otherwise I would not have any vibrations at all

After that I setup a habit at 4am to do this,

In 2 weeks I got my first OOB!

- "4am I wake up and sit on my chair to don't get sleep unconsciousness. It's 6am, after 2 hours on that uncomfortable chair nothing happened. I go back to bed. I'm super tired and my head is buzzing with internal vibrations because of my failure attempts...

I try to do a last technique and hope to get lucky. I visualize myself, in 1st person on my parents bedroom.

They got a big mirror in their bedroom. I see myself in 1st person reflected on that mirror... Then something CRAZY HAPPEN!

I notice, in that moment I see my reflection in that mirror, like if my physical brain (from the bed) did like a HUGE ELECTRIC SHOCK into that other body, and my consciousness was moved to this other body - but I was having a dual consciousness at the same time - I was aware that I was in bed in a particular position, but at the same time I could touch, feel and move in this other body like for real - It was not imagination because I could really feel things like in the 1st person, and I never have that before on my entire life.

Then, I don't know how, But I was on the body of an eagle, flying super fast and very high, I could feel eagle's claws and see the wing's in 1st person point of view.

After 10 seconds the experience ended.

I wanted to go for the adventure again, but I couldn't and I was super sad about my lack of skills"


Fast forward to this day, and months of try after try, I can't get any more OOB in demand and in control with a proven and easy system - I'm super sad about it and I would like to have some guidance please in order to try new approaches in order to get success

SUPER Happy and excited to be here, and I know that I'm going to make some new and cool friends to get a better consciousness evolution


PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:12 am 
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Welcome to the forum Ignacio.

Without understanding the MBT theory a lot we could say to you would not make much sense. But I will say a few things. This is a probabilistic, digital reality. That is how you can end up in the body of an eagle. You switched data streams. And you interpret the data you get through your filter of ego, fears, experiences, expectations, beliefs, etc. The vibrations you feel are a signal that you are about to switch data streams. So, it is nothing to be afraid of.

As for your OBE efforts - the more you try the harder it will get. Try relaxing and go with the attitude that whatever happens will be fine. And don't be afraid because that will shut the experience down or give you a good fear test. The idea being that if you have a lot of fear you have no business exploring Non-Physical Matter Reality.

1). The only thing that is fundamental is consciousness – all else is virtual.
2). Consciousness is a self modifying evolving digital information system.
3). The consciousness system is finite and imperfect.
4). Physical reality is a virtual reality.
5). There are many virtual reality frames and we exist in several of them.
6). Physical and non physical are not fundamental – it is only a matter of perspective.
7). Evolution criteria, Love, and spiritual growth are all defined in terms of entropy a measurable quantity.
8). There are three data bases: The Probable Future data base; the past data base (all that did happen); and the data base of all the probabilities that might have happened but didn’t.
9). There is no such thing as an objective reality – all reality is interpreted. Light, energy, energy bodies, guides, chakras, oversoul, higher self, Reiki symbols, acupuncture technique, Ouija boards, pendulum oracles, I Ching, etc. are all metaphors/tools – consciousness is the only active ingredient.
10). The paranormal is perfectly normal.
11). Quantum Mechanics is derivable from first principles.
12). Physics and metaphysics become one understanding.
13). Metaphysics, philosophy and theology all become transparent and one can easily see and derive the threads of Big Truth that run through them. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

How MBT is available
The My Big TOE book:
• Is available free in its entirety online: Google Books, My Big Toe
• May be purchased from the website: My Big Toe, at Barnes and Noble online, MBT, Amazon, My Big Toe Complete Trilogy and many other sites.
• As an audiobook from Audible.
• As an e-book from all major online book retailers

** There is also a comprehensive MBT Wiki that is a valuable resource and may answer many questions. **

Tom's YouTube Channel: ... ASowjoM0g
List of anacronyms and their meanings: ... 21&t=4134

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:59 pm 
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Joined: Fri Sep 28, 2018 4:53 am
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Hey Sainbury! thanks a lot for the reply =)

I did dig more deeper into some Tom's workshops, Robert Monroe videos, and see this first principles reasoning comes together,

I'm so excited because my intentions are all about fun, adventure, helping others,

and at the same time letting others help me become more evolved for the greater good!

Please can I ask you a couple of things?

1 - If you have to start over from scratch... What FOCUSED PROVEN material you will study to get OOBE's in demand, easy and in control?

2 - What action HABIT daily plan you would start to implement as a beginner? how long will it take/ per session? and how you will do it step-by-step the system that works?

3 - (This is very special) When you want to do an OOBE... What do you look exactly with the physical eyes? What is your "aim"?

- Do you look between the eyes?
- Do you look in front to the black?
- Or do you have to use the picture of another reality , in order to don't care at all about the positions of your eyes?

Please if there is something I can help you, just tell me


PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:32 am 
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1) Most people will never be able to switch data streams on 'demand.' But usually becoming a good meditator is the best start. If you can shut off all your internal dialog and float in a black void, then you can use your Intent to switch data streams.

Besides meditating, there are a lot of people that have their own methods to OBE. You can do some research on the Internet. I think one of the most successful is the Wake Back to Bed. You go to bed at your regular time. You set your alarm to about 4 hours after you have gone to bed. When the alarm goes off you get up for a few minutes. You try not to completely wake up but are awake enough to not fall back asleep right away. When you go back to bed try and let your body relax back into sleep but keep your mind awake.

Another method a lot of people have success with is to set an Intention that you revisit several times an hour all day that you will be able to OBE that night.

2) Usually my eyes are closed but what I see varies. This is just individual preference. Again, don't try to hard.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:31 pm 
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I think this is a very helpful intro into MBT core concepts here. I would hesitate to say :
Most people will never be able to switch data streams on 'demand.
Once people become aware of the LCS , have worked hard at lowering entropy, facing those fears lowering ego. Many people once they see the big picture, the shift between streams becomes a seamless action. When I dont mean to say easy. Many people when exploring consciousnesses , lets say using Toms Beats. May shift between all types of data streams. What can be difficult is the control and filtering our the data you dont want and accessing the data you do want. A fuzzy request in the LCS, often results in a fuzzy answer. Switching on demand id note is also a question of how much does one operate in one virtual reality( V'RS) , while operating in 2,3,5,6 VRs at one time.

Many people I have found can not tend to operate in more than two VR's at a time with a level of bi-location that allowed for a productive result in the two VR's


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