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The Case Against Reincarnation
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Author:  sirchips [ Thu Jun 15, 2023 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Case Against Reincarnation

Hey Virtual Brain. Very good questions. I'll offer my perspective on how I think they can best be answered.

VirtualBrain wrote:Can you further define “entrained consciousness”?
I would further define it as mental states following a specified set of instructions about what states to be in and the order in which to be in those states. Basically, it just means the mental activity falls into synchrony with a pattern.

VirtualBrain wrote: If there is one thing in existence “Consciousness” What mental choices are there? What “patterns”? If there is nothing to “differentiate” to begin with and all is One then how can there be any “awareness” to begin with? How can One thing “self reflect”?
I call it primordial awareness or potential awareness. Although it's apparently undifferentiated, there is potential or proto-differentiation within it. These kernels of micro-differentiation are unstable. When they become too unbalanced or accentuated in one direction, they become differentiated.

I don't think the one thing does self-reflect. I think what ends up self-reflecting are subsets.

VirtualBrain wrote: Why does the LCS have to have an origin? Tom mentions “cellular automata” but it seems like that is just an idea for those who “need” an origin. The most honest answer that Tom gives on the subject is that the “assumption” is that “Consciousness exists”. But there is a cognitive dissonance here. At the same time Tom says that “nothing that is real is Infinite”.

Yes, in the larger picture I agree. It really just is. It's eternal. No ultimate beginning and no ultimate end.

VirtualBrain wrote: What if GOD did do it?

Titans, Gods, Valkyries, Daemons, Nymphs, Sprites, Fairies, Angels, Spirits, Devas, etc.
But a true, real, INFINITE Intelligence? What then?

How’d this party get started? Might be looking in the wrong direction.

Great Post BTW! :)
The Gods didn't do it because they themselves are products of this infinite intelligence. But I think the intelligence has pockets of self-reflection in it, whether it be Gods or mortals, or things in between. It doesn't seem to be self-reflective all the way through.

Author:  VirtualBrain [ Fri Jun 16, 2023 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Case Against Reincarnation

I’ve heard it put this way before:

There is the One undifferentiated. The One does not know itself, It is infinite and eternal, unchanging. Then there is “All that Is” the first reflection of the One that is infinitely, eternally changing creating and destroying reflections within it self.

The One knows itself through All that Is. Since there is really only the One every reflection within All that Is, is the One in its entirety but only aware of itself to the extent it can experience itself through its reflections.

I don’t believe this ever “began” or will it ever end. It simply is existence. Existence cannot come from or become non existence because by definition non existence doesn’t exist.

There is no individuation, no avatars, no FWAUs, no IUOCs no new consciousness is ever nor has ever been created. These things are just experiences of the One of itself as there is nothing else that exists.

Author:  sirchips [ Fri Jun 16, 2023 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Case Against Reincarnation

Very nicely put.

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