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 Post subject: Review of "My Big TOE"
PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 7:06 pm 
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Who should read these books?
Anyone who desires to advance to adult level in this children's world in which we presently live should go to the trouble of working their way through this trilogy of books, whatever the cost in effort determined by the level at which you choose to learn.
Anyone who already functions as an adult should read this trilogy in order to complete your understanding of the Reality in which you must function and of which you are an integral part.

What can you expect to learn or achieve?
Almost everything that you need to know that is not, of necessity, “do it yourself“ only! The author has specifically written the My Big TOE trilogy for reading on several levels with corresponding levels of effort required. Please understand that my comments are intended to encourage you to read, not to discourage you from reading, these books. My intent is to show you why you should read these books at no matter what cost in effort you choose to expend. First, you will find out how much you need to unlearn. Then you will find out how much you do not understand of what is being said and what is going on around you. If however you already possess a high level of such knowledge, you can expect to have a great deal clarified. This trilogy of books constitutes what in the field of physics is called a "theory of everything", thus the acronym TOE. You will see that this is literally true of these books.

To come close to fully understanding My Big TOE requires a high entry threshold, a wide range of knowledge. The author has tried to offset this by reiterating his message from different viewpoints in order to aid your understanding. As he also points out, much of the detail can be skipped as useful to advanced specialists and the main points still be comprehended. He has also tried to relieve the intensity with humorous comments. Not everyone will be able to appreciate the humor however, which the author recognizes, and it is also optional. If you have been to graduate school in the sciences, you will recognize the author as a kindred spirit. He worked as a physicist in industry and collaborated with Robert Monroe of Out of Body fame in his early research.

The main points will provide you with an understanding of the Reality of which you are a part. How it originated, the few characteristics and principles from which it began and by which it developed, including that small part of the greater reality that we experience in our day to day lives. You will be surprised that these principles are things which you probably already know about, just not their full significance in the greater reality. You will also be given a general description of that part of the greater reality which we do not normally experience but which you can if you so desire. This will be developed logically and a reference is given in which a detailed description of our every day "physical" reality, including its physics as understood by present day science and beyond, is developed from the same set of beginning principles as given in My Big TOE. These principles are applicable to the present reality in which you live. Knowing what they are will tell you a lot about what to expect from life, how to deal with it and what is the best way to interact with others for your maximum spiritual advancement during your passage through it.

You will be told the veritable meaning of life and your place in it. It is more explicitly stated than you will find in most other places. It will probably be a great surprise to you and you may not find it to be comforting. Note that I mentioned that we live in a children's world and much that you and everyone else have been taught is intended for comfort, not reality and literal truth. Keep in mind at all times while you read and study My Big TOE that you in your true being are a native and at home in this reality and that you have been dealing with it reasonably successfully through many previous periods of "physical" life when you did not have this information. Now you will have the true story. This information is almost never available while incarnated, other than in very diluted and culturally distorted form. It will be a lot like when you first found out where babies came from. Learning about the pleasure possible, the responsibilities and difficulties involved in the greater process are a matter for you to experience and thus learn for yourself. From these 3 books you will have the information necessary to literally take your first step as a conscious adult while still involved in a "physical" life into the greater reality of which you are a resident part and that is your true home.

Will these books change your life?
Only to the degree to which you are willing and prepared to change. Over time, the degree of change could be very profound if you choose to expend the effort to make it so.

Will you be sorry that you read them?
Only to the extent and in the sense that it is an end of innocence. You will be made aware of laws of being of which ignorance is no excuse. Since you will be judged based on things that you are presently ignorant of with that ignorance not accepted as an excuse, best to lose such innocence. And no problems with apples, snakes and “original sin“ this time!

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