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ISBN: 0-9725094-5-3 DIMENSIONS: 6″ x 9″ PAGES: 232
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Synopsis Of Book 3

Book 3: Inner Workings – Section 5 presents the formal reality model in detail. In this section the mechanics of reality are explained. You will find out how the past present and future are formed, how they can be altered, and how you interact with the larger reality as an individuated unit of consciousness. Here we will explain inter and intra dimensional awareness and probe the theoretical possibilities of teleportation, time travel and a few of the more fun ramifications of this reality model.

Book 3: Inner Working – Section 6 is the wrap-up that puts everything discussed into an easily understood perspective. Additionally, Section 6 points out My Big TOE’s relationship with contemporary science and philosophy. By demonstrating a close conceptual relationship between this TOE and some of the establishment’s biggest scientific and philosophic intellectual guns, Section 6 integrates My Big TOE into traditional Western science and philosophy.

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  1. Book 3 discusses the mechanics of nonphysical reality, examines individual types of psychic functioning in light of the Big Picture, and caps off the trilogy by demonstrating that the TOE is in harmony with what Einstein and other thinkers imagined but did not completely formulate.

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