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Follow and discuss My Big TOE on multiple social media platforms.



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Tom’s official My Big TOE YouTube channel

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YouTube channel of Donna Aveni and Keith Warner of MBT Events


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Official My Big TOE Discord server


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Official My Big TOE TikTok account


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Subreddit r/TomCampbellMBT


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Public group created by Donna Aveni of MBT Events to connect My Big TOE readers from across the globe. Share your stories on how you found My Big TOE, what it means to you, how you utilize MBT ideas and principles in your everyday life, how to raise awareness of My Big TOE, and how to grow as a true global family.

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Official events page for Tom Campbell. Public group managed by Donna Aveni and Keith Warner of MBT Events.

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Created to be a place for your stories and requests for an outpouring of healing and love. Public group managed by Donna Aveni of MBT Events.

This list is not exhaustive and only includes Facebook groups or pages officially affiliated with Tom Campbell or My Big TOE. It has been deliberately limited so as to bring people interested in My Big TOE together in just a few selected groups rather than spreading them across many groups that might end up being relatively similar.


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Official My Big TOE Instagram account


Official My Big TOE account

Other Languages

Many more social media resources, including for regional and local communities around the world, are available in multiple languages other than English. Find them listed by language in the “Explore” section.

My Big TOE Youth Community

Are you young and into consciousness stuff but can’t find any like-minded people your age near you? Then the new global My Big TOE Youth Community might be just the thing for you.

If so, say hello to Michael (Mearix #9628) on the My Big TOE Discord server and start making new friends from all over the world!

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