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The My Big TOE (MBT) online or in-person events are a great way to connect with people who share the same interests and goals. Learn how to access the larger reality. Hear about the experiences of others and share your own. Ask Tom a question.  Forge friendships that last a lifetime!

Key Websites

All you need to know about events with Tom or the wider MBT community can be found on the two websites run by Keith and Donna of MBT Events.

MBT Events

Visit this site for detailed information about all upcoming and past events, including how to take part and get on the mailing list.

MBT Immersive

Originally created to accompany the MBT Immersive programs, this site now also features information about other ongoing MBT events and related products.

Events with Tom

Special Online Q&A Sessions for Patreon Subscribers & PayPal Supporters

Tom holds these online Q&A sessions exclusively for supporters who have pledged a minimum of US$10 per month via Patreon or made a one-time donation of US$100 or more via PayPal. Invitations will be sent out prior to the event to those who qualify.

Special Online Q&A Sessions for MBT Volunteers

Another type of exclusive online Q&A session with Tom, specifically for those volunteering their time and skills to help promote MBT through various projects.

MBT Community Meetings

MBT Online Open House

A monthly Zoom meeting open to everyone, from newcomers to experienced MBT Immersive alumni. Usually on a Saturday, from early morning till late night US Central Standard Time, hosts Donna, Keith and Jamie welcome people from all time zones across the planet. Meet old friends and make new acquaintances. Share your personal experiences and discuss all your MBT questions with other participants.

Participation is FREE!

MBT Global Healing Sessions

This is a monthly online gathering, usually as part of the MBT Online Open House using a breakout room. Donna guides participants to focus their intent of well-being and healing on previously specified individuals or humanity as a whole.

Participation is FREE!

MBT Monthly Movie Muster

This is another free monthly online gathering (on Zoom usually around the third Saturday of the month), where we watch a “good and (fairly) family friendly” movie together that has a strong “MBT tie-in” followed by an open sharing and discussion afterwards. This event started out in late 2022 as an idea that Kim Oravecz had for another fun activity to share with other MBT students and we’re now starting our second year in 2024! We tend to rotate between normal Hollywood fare, foreign films (in the original with English subtitles), documentaries, and TV show episode double features that highlight MBT themes (like Star Trek, Dark Mirror, etc.)

Participation is FREE!

MBT Events Mailing List

Sign up for the MBT Events mailing list so you won’t miss out on any future news, announcements, or updates. You will also be eligible to receive invites to the free online MBT Open House and MBT Outpouring Global Healing events.

The People Behind MBT Events

Portrait photo of Keith Warner and Donna Aveni of MBT Events

Keith Warner & Donna Aveni

Keith and Donna have been married for more than 20 years. Their friendship with Tom and his wife, Pamela, began when Donna corresponded with Tom in 2005 after having read the My Big TOE trilogy.

Donna was on a path all her life to understand the nature of reality and how things work. The scores of books she had read did not provide a big enough picture, so when she came across My Big TOE she immediately found it offered the best framework to answer all of these questions.

Keith, always supportive, was the driving force in MBT Events’ beginnings, thanks to his engaging personality, love of people, and planning skills. The two first met Tom and Pamela in person in 2007 while planning Tom’s first lecture, at the London School of Economics, in 2008. Ever since that time, MBT Events has supported Tom with free online events, workshops around the world, editing as well as conducting hundreds of interviews which now populate his YouTube channel.

Keith and Donna do this work out of love and respect for how Tom’s My Big TOE has changed so many lives, Donna explains. “We realize how privileged we are to be connected with Tom and his work. It’s exciting for us to have helped bring MBT forward.” Almost every week they meet with Tom and Pamela to discuss new plans for MBT, how it will move forward, and how they can help others. “But sometimes it’s not all business,” Donna says, “it’s just fun!”

"MBT is not something you retire from, but something you try to live every day"

Keith is from the U.K. He loves meeting new people and traveling, so it’s no surprise he was instrumental in planning and organizing Tom’s events around the world. One of Keith’s lifelong hobbies is magic! Prior to MBT Events, in the U.K. and Europe, Keith brought his magic skills from small gatherings in castles to corporate events for Deutsche Bank. Keith was also chauffeur for the London banking community and for movie celebrities such as Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) and Judi Dench (M) on their way to the British Academy Film Awards. Keith has quipped that now he gets to chauffeur the real Gandalf!

Donna was born in the United States. She previously worked mainly in the legal field, beginning with dramatic stints as a process server, court courier, paralegal, law library assistant, and then branch manager of a law library, while finishing her J.D. law degree.

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