Applying My Big TOE in Daily Life

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Growing the quality of our consciousness and learning to make more loving and caring choices is our human purpose in this virtual universe. It is no coincidence that doing so has the welcome side effect of creating better, healthier relationships and leading a happier, more fulfilling life. 

Tom has talked in many videos about the benefits of applying My Big TOE insights to one’s everyday life, but two particular series stand out.

Laurie Huston's "News for the Heart"

As a regular guest on her show since 2015, Tom talks with Laurie about the various ways in which we can become more loving and caring human beings. They also discuss how we can get rid of our fear, ego and beliefs.

All interviews are available below. Each new episode is added as soon as it appears. Also check out Laurie’s YouTube Channel for interviews with other inspiring guests.

Evita Ochel Interview Series

Produced between 2012 and 2016, Evita’s interviews with Tom cover all aspects of our daily lives, from health, work, parenting and relationships to dealing with death, suffering, fear and other emotions.

The Virtual Nature of Reality

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