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Who are we? What is real? Why are we here? These are amongst the biggest questions we can ask, and some of the oldest mysteries. Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) offers a radically new way of answering them, combining the findings of objective modern science and subjective consciousness exploration with concepts only known since the advent of virtual realities and multiplayer online games.

Introduction to My Big TOE

Below you will find an in-depth yet sufficiently concise general introduction to the entire My Big TOE model. Written for the broadest possible audience, the text requires only a minimum of scientific and philosophical background.

The first three parts have already been completed and will provide a sufficient basis for all further exploration of the material available from this website. Parts four to six are in preparation and will be published as soon as they are ready.

Parts 1–3

Part 1: Philosophical Foundations – Who Are We?

The first part tackles the nature of human existence and our relation to the physical world. It explains why the virtual reality metaphor is not just the latest fad but a powerful way to model how reality works. More specifically, Part 1 addresses the following questions:

  • Are we fundamentally bodies or minds?
  • What are the problems with believing everything is made of matter?
  • How does virtual reality explain the physical world?
  • Does our consciousness survive bodily death?

Part 2: Core Elements of the Theory – What Exists?

The second part lays out the basic building blocks of the My Big TOE model and explains how they are necessarily interrelated. Part 2 answers the following questions:

  • What are My Big TOE’s two basic assumptions?
  • What is consciousness?
  • Do we have free will?
  • Is time fundamental?
  • What is the link between information, entropy and consciousness evolution?

Part 3: Consciousness Evolution – Why Are We Here?

The third part traces consciousness evolution as modeled by My Big TOE back to its beginnings. In the process, Part 3 derives the creation of individual pieces of consciousness like us as well as our existence and larger purpose here in the physical world. Questions addressed include:

  • How did the Larger Consciousness System evolve?
  • Why were Individuated Units of Consciousness created?
  • Why does the physical universe exist?
  • Why is there so much suffering?
  • What is our life’s purpose?

How to Engage My Big TOE

Even if you’re already familiar with some aspects of the theory, it may be useful to read all the available parts of this general introduction. And since they logically build upon one another, they are best read in order (it’s easy to skip sections and jump to the points you’re most interested in).

What’s even more important, though, is to read the texts with an open and inquisitive, but always skeptical mind, always ready to question your own beliefs and unjustified assumptions.

Parts 4–6 (In Preparation)

Part 4: The Science of a Virtual Universe – How Does the Simulation Work?

The fourth part will explain how the My Big TOE virtual reality model resolves numerous puzzles and paradoxes in physics for which a materialist science simply has no answers:

  • What caused the Big Bang?
  • Why is the universe fine-tuned for life?
  • Why is quantum mechanics not a “weird” science but perfectly logical?
  • How can the unexplained assumptions of relativity theory be derived?
  • How does consciousness log on to an avatar?
  • How do our virtual brains and bodies interact with our minds?


Part 5: The Paranormal Is Normal – How Do Psi Phenomena Work?

The fifth part will show why paranormal phenomena are natural artifacts of a virtual universe. Based on the scientific explanations given in the preceding part, Part 5 will answer the following questions and more:

  • Why do paranormal phenomena only occur in specific circumstances?
  • How do out-of-body experiences work?
  • Why is it possible to change the probability of future events with our intent?
  • How does the placebo effect work?
  • How can you access the databases from which our virtual universe is computed?


Part 6: Personal Evolution – How Do We Fulfil Our Life’s Purpose?

Finally, the last part of the introduction, will explain why lead a better, happier and more productive life requires us to grow the quality of our consciousness. Part 6 also explain how to do this: by getting rid of our fears and making choices motivated by an intent of love, caring and cooperation. Specific questions to be addressed will include:

  • What is the difference between being good and acting good?
  • What is the ego and how does it operate?
  • How can we get rid of our fears?
  • How can we avoid guilt, shame and regret?
  • How do we become more loving, caring individuals?


My Big TOE in One Paragraph

It isn’t easy to summarize a Big Theory of Everything that deals with anything from physics and philosophy to psychology and human purpose, but it can be done. Still, a word of warning: to anyone unfamiliar with the model, what follows below may seem like a hodgepodge of wild, unsubstantiated claims. They go against everything most people believe about reality. However, the My Big TOE model arrives at all these statements through a seamless series of logical steps. This is why My Big TOE is not only compatible with all known scientific data – it also accounts for many facts that materialistic science fails to understand. My Big TOE provides entirely rational explanations for many phenomena dismissed by mainstream science as "weird" (quantum effects), "mysterious" (consciousness), "illusory” (free will) or "delusions" (paranormal experiences).

So, here we go:

Consciousness is the fundamental reality. The physical world is an illusion, a virtual reality that only exists in our minds. We are Individuated Units of Consciousness: immortal, interconnected parts of a Larger Consciousness System. We chose to be players in the virtual reality game called life on Earth, set in a virtual universe computed by the system to aid our consciousness evolution. In this game we are the choice-makers for our virtual bodies: we use our free will to make choices that express our quality of consciousness. Our quality is accurately reflected by the intent motivating each choice (selfish/fear-based vs selfless/love-based). Our goal: to learn from the outcome of our choices in order to grow up and evolve the quality of our consciousness from fear to love. By evolving our individual consciousness quality from one round of the game to the next, we advance the evolution of the entire consciousness system.

If you have read or watched one of the introductions to My Big TOE, all of the above should make sense to you. If not quite yet, perhaps you’re intrigued to dig a little deeper?

Digging Deeper

Read the MBT Book Trilogy

If the various introductions to MBT have given you an appetite for more, then the book trilogy is a must-read. In 824 pages full of good-humored conversation, it explains how physics, metaphysics, psychology and the paranormal all logically go together once you understand that consciousness is the fundamental ground of reality. 

Check Out the Video Search Tools

If you would like to get a better grasp of some key concepts before reading the entire My Big TOE trilogy, you can use two powerful tools to search Tom’s entire YouTube channel by keyword or full-text search.

Experience the Larger Reality for Yourself

Many people are unaware that anyone can gather first-hand evidence that consciousness is more fundamental than physical reality. Just how to do this is what Tom has been teaching at his workshops. Thanks to this self-practice audio tool you can now explore the larger reality in the comfort of your own home.

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