Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUOC)

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An Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUOC) represents the totality of an individual’s consciousness. It is our true identity – it is who we fundamentally are.

Consciousness, according to My Big TOE, is the only thing that truly exists: our physical universe (PMR) is a virtual reality, and all physical matter, including our bodies, is merely a computation that we experience within our consciousness.

We human beings, therefore, are fundamentally not bodies but consciousness. We are IUOCs making choices for our virtual bodies (avatars) in the game called life on earth. We log on to Physical Matter Reality (PMR) to interact with other IOUCs, learn from our choices, and thereby grow the quality of our consciousness (lower our entropy).

What exactly is an IUOC? Since consciousness has no physical properties (no size, shape, weight, charge, etc.), it’s helpful to think of an IUOC as simply a subset of consciousness – a subset of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS). Each IUOC is one of unfathomably many pieces of consciousness that are netted together within the LCS.

Because each IUOC is a subset of the LCS, it has the same attributes as all consciousness. These include awareness (perception, guided by attention), cognition (the ability to acquire, understand and communicate information), purpose (the drive to evolve), free will (to enable choice-making) and memory (to ensure that choice-making is based on past experience).

Importantly, the IUOC is much more than the consciousness which we think we are while playing an avatar in PMR. When an IUOC chooses to participate in our PMR virtual reality, for example, it partitions off a part of itself that represents its quality of consciousness (level of entropy) but has no direct access to the IUOC’s memory. This partition of the IUOC is called a Free Will Awareness Unit (FWAU). The FWAU logs on to the avatar for the duration of an experience packet (the avatar’s lifetime in PMR). When the avatar dies, the FWAU logs off again and merges back into the IUOC. The IUOC accumulates and integrates all the understanding and learning which the FWAU has gained during the PMR experience packet.

The IUOC thus represents the sum total of its countless experiences gained in PMR or other virtual reality frames. It assesses and analyzes trends and developments across multiple experience packets, and on that basis decides which avatar is likely most profitable to play next for optimizing its opportunities for consciousness evolution and lowering of entropy. Each IUOC is unique in terms of its experience, understanding and the information it contains, and so each IUOC must evolve in its own, individual way. Diversity is the very purpose and beauty of consciousness evolution.

(Those familiar with certain religious or spiritual traditions may have noticed that an IUOC appears to be the equivalent of what such traditions call “oversoul” or “higher self”. While that idea is not entirely mistaken, My Big TOE deliberately uses neutral, technical language for describing the functions of consciousness to avoid any unhelpful and potentially dogmatic connotations which a more traditional terminology might evoke. Importantly, moreover, there may be differences regarding the ways in which these seemingly similar functions of consciousness are understood by My Big TOE and various existing traditions.)

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