Free Will Awareness Unit (FWAU)

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A Free Will Awareness Unit (FWAU) is the part of the Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUOC) that is temporarily logged on to play an avatar in a virtual reality. It represents the IUOC’s level of entropy but has no direct access to the IUOC’s memory.

When an IUOC chooses to participate in a virtual reality such as our Physical Matter Reality (PMR), it partitions off a part of itself that represents the IUOC’s quality of consciousness (level of entropy) but has no direct access to the IUOC’s memory. This partition of the IUOC is called an FWAU. The FWAU logs on to the avatar for the duration of an experience packet (the avatar’s lifetime in PMR). When the avatar dies, the FWAU logs off again and merges back into the IUOC. The IUOC accumulates and integrates all the understanding and learning which the FWAU has gained during the PMR experience packet.

Thus, an FWAU only exists for the duration of an experience packet in a particular virtual reality (VR). It has the exact same attributes of consciousness as the IUOC – the only difference is that it has no direct access to all the memories accumulated by the IUOC during past experience packets.

This is deliberate. If an individual participating in PMR, for example, were able to remember the hundreds or thousands of partners, children, relatives and friends from all their past experience packets, as well as all of their past perceptions, passions and problems, they would be totally overwhelmed and unable to focus on the challenges of their current experience packet. This would render their VR experience much less immersive and thus much less effective. One important reason why VRs such as our PMR are such effective entropy reduction trainers is the fact that most participating players tend to identify almost completely with the avatars they’re playing. This would be impossible if the FWAU had full direct access to all the information available within the IUOC.

That being said, it is important not to think of FWAU and IUOC as two separate entities. Both are always connected, always “one”, just like all consciousness is always connected and “one”. Thus, as IUOCs we always remain one whole individual entity – it’s just that we do not always have direct access to all our information. By way of analogy: if you think of the IUOC as a folder on your computer desktop, then the FWAU is a subfolder within that IUOC folder, and there are many other parallel subfolders each representing one of your past experience packets. Thus all information that makes up the real “you” is contained within the IUOC even though it may not always be directly accessible.

(Those familiar with certain religious or spiritual traditions may have noticed that an FWAU appears to be the equivalent of what such traditions call “soul”, “mind” or “spirit”. While that idea is not entirely mistaken, My Big TOE deliberately uses neutral, technical language for describing the functions of consciousness to avoid any unhelpful and potentially dogmatic connotations which a more traditional terminology might evoke. Importantly, moreover, there may be differences regarding the ways in which these seemingly similar functions of consciousness are understood by My Big TOE and various existing traditions.)

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