free will

[My Big TOE Definition]

Free will is the ability of a conscious awareness to freely make or not make any of the choices in its decision space.

Free will is one of the fundamental attributes of consciousness. Making a free-will choice is rooted in the whole consciousness, not just the intellectual part of a high-entropy consciousness. Free will is logically necessary for consciousness to exist and consciousness is logically necessary for free will to exist.

Free will only exists in consciousness. Your apparent physical body (your avatar) is nothing but data in a simulation and has no free will. In contrast, you, as an Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUOC) playing your virtual avatar character in a multiplayer virtual reality (VR) that we call our physical universe, must have free will to make choices that enable your consciousness evolution. Otherwise, there would be no point, purpose, or value to your individual existence as consciousness – no growth, no progress, no substance, no becoming something more or something different – just a dead unchanging data-script that exists for no reason.

Free will does not mean we can do anything we want – it does not mean choice without constraint. A free will that has no limits is a meaningless concept since there can be no such thing as individual interaction within a social system that has no constraints. Rules and constraints are indispensable for any meaningful interaction to take place. (Communication, for example, is only possible thanks to the agreed-upon rules and constraints of a shared language.) This is why free will must operate within a finite decision space.

Because we have free will, we’re never at the mercy of events – whatever happens, we always have the freedom to respond by making the best choice available within our decision space. We have the freedom to interpret a challenging situation as a terrible disaster or as an opportunity to make good choices – we can see ourselves as hapless victims of circumstances or as powerful agents of change.

Free will is sacred. If the Larger Consciousness System doesn’t like what you’re doing it’s not going to come in and override your free will. It’s not going to run over other people’s free will either. We have to let even ugly choices play out the way they were made.

The fact that we have free will means we must be responsible for the choices we make and accept the consequences they produce. We may try to give up personal responsibility for making a choice, or try to assign that responsibility elsewhere (to our boss, our partner, our parents, our astrologer), but the choice remains ours to make or not. Not making a specific choice is also a choice.

Even logging on to this VR we call our physical universe was a free-will choice we once made. We do have free will in the VR that is outside of this VR. It is always our choice; we are never forced.

IUOCs playing animal avatars have free will just like IUOCs playing human avatars. The difference is that animal avatars provide a smaller decision space because of their lesser intellectual processing capacity and because their choices are more constrained by instincts. Within those tighter constraints, IUOCs playing animal avatars do the same thing as we do: they try to lower their entropy by freely choosing among the options within their respective decision spaces, and then learning and growing up from those choices.

Free will is indispensable for consciousness evolution because it’s only through our free-will choices within the constraints of a VR and our avatars that we can express the quality of our being. We express our quality through the being level intent that motivates our choices. Only by analyzing the results of our choices and honestly assessing the intent that motivated them can we gauge the quality of our being. And only once we have a realistic idea of our quality of being can we develop a desire to improve it.

Changing who we are is a free-will choice. However, it can’t be just a wish coming from the intellectual level; it must be a profound desire to be a better person – a choice which must be made at the being level. This is why growing up requires us to take on the roles of avatars in VRs, experience the consequences of our choices from their perspective, and then learn and grow from them.

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