being level

[My Big TOE Term]

The being level reflects who and what you are at the core of your being – that is, within your Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUOC). As the seat of emotion and intuition, the being level feels and empathizes.

The being level is aware and processes information, assesses, analyzes, judges, imagines, and plans intuitively. It doesn’t have to justify itself as rational or reasonable – it just is as it is. It may contain and be driven by intuitive knowledge, instinct, love, fear, ego, expectations, beliefs, and may feel pain and joy. It makes choices and expresses your authentic will and intent. It tends to see the world as an interconnected whole – it generally represents right brain function.

The being level sometimes pays attention to processing at the intellectual level but is not ruled by it. Contrary to change at the intellectual level, when you change fundamentally (personal growth, spiritual growth, growing up) at the being level, you may evolve or de-evolve the quality of your consciousness, thus becoming a different person. Change at the intellectual level may or may not result in change at the being level.

To simplify: The “being level” represents awareness in the service of the gestalt or integrated summation of all of the content contained within the ego, super ego, subconscious mind, and id – thus expressing and defining one whole integrated being. The being level represents the authentic total you, without the usual overlay of conveniently invented image trying to make you seem better than you actually are.

Note: The “you” that the being level and the intellectual level reflect and represent is the “you” as consciousness (as an IUOC) not the “you” as the virtual body of your avatar. The right and left hemispheres of your virtual (“physical”) brain simply represent a logical requirement of the ruleset as it constrains evolution within our virtual reality (VR). Virtual brain structure accommodates the potential particularities of your avatar and the quality of your consciousness. The constraints of the VR define what data can and cannot be in the data-stream sent to each IUOC player describing VR (“game”) content and interactions. The VR that we describe as “physical” exists only in the awareness (mind) of the IUOC players and the LCS.

The being level and intellectual level only exist as separate and distinct entities within a conscious being that is fearful (makes fear-based choices). The inability of the intellect to deal directly and effectively with certain fears creates a dysfunctional separateness between these two levels of consciousness processing. The fear is pushed out of the intellect’s sight but remains active at the being level. The ego is employed to help the intellect ignore (rather than deal with) the fear – because that feels more comfortable in the short term as dealing with the fear requires courage.

Remove the fear and the intellectual level becomes one with the being level. Without fear, the intellectual and being levels meld together to form an optimized, unified, aware, whole being – a being with a fully self-aware and other-aware consciousness that effectively integrates and optimizes the combined functions of both virtual hemispheres.

Separateness between the intellectual and being levels is ubiquitous but unnecessary. A healthy, whole, fully conscious being (without fear – thus without ego, expectation, and belief) is fully self-aware of all of their intents, ideas, inclinations, instincts, internal processes, intellect, feelings, and intuition. There is no obscured or “subconscious” portion of the mind.

The existence of a “subconscious” is a symptom of a high-entropy consciousness – in other words, it perfectly represents a normal (average) and therefore comparatively “healthy” member of our society.

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