[My Big TOE Definition]

Evolution represents the process of emergent complexity that naturally begins when there are enough degrees of freedom available within a system of sufficient potential to eventually produce basic survivable structures (for example, a cell).

Evolution self-starts as a natural process of self-organization through random changes. As natural selection of evolution progresses, this leads to even more complex survivable structures (like a multi-celled entity) made of many interactive basic structures. Next, evolution produces functional specialization within multi-celled entities. In systems with many complex potential outcomes, evolution directs and encourages change through natural selection toward more profitable states of being (lower-entropy configurations).

The evolution of consciousness according to My Big TOE

The My Big TOE model for this primordial process of evolution by emergent complexity exists within the model for the development of IUOCs and the Reality-Wide Web (RWW) within the Larger Consciousness System (LCS).

The existence of evolution as a natural process is one of the two fundamental assumptions of My Big TOE. The other assumption is the existence of a primordial potential consciousness that has the ability to evolve.

Based on these two assumptions, My Big TOE posits that awareness, will, intent, and consciousness all eventually emerge and evolve together within an information system of sufficient potential.

We see evolution at work every day and we are indeed conscious, thus evolution must exist and consciousness did evolve. A crude primordial information system that simply can qualitatively differentiate one state from another (create information) is the simplest, most straightforward and basic system that has the potential to evolve into what we call consciousness.

Successful evolution cannot be entirely random. Thus, after an initial phase of random changes, as awareness, will and intent emerge together, the evolution of the consciousness information system becomes purposeful and is actively directed toward the lowering of entropy.

Focus toward achieving a specific goal from among many potential goals (perhaps also within a hierarchy of goals), requires a focused assessment of the direction forward (will) and a clear intention (vision and plan) that may suggest a specific choice. The choice requires memory (of previous choices), processing (a comparative result of those previous choices – learning) and a purpose (criteria by which to compare the value of one choice to another).

Change (as evidenced by choice, memory, processing, and learning) carries an implicit assumption of time – which delivers dynamic existence. A choice once made, is irreversible and moves the system forward (positive evolution to states of lower entropy) or backward (de-evolution to states of higher entropy) to a new state of being.

A good choice (as opposed to a bad choice) moves the consciousness system toward lower entropy states (positive evolution – becoming love). It is generally a moral (also called high-quality or love-based) intent that expresses itself as a good choice. Will and intent are attributes of a whole Individuated Unit of Consciousness (IUOC) and not simply creations of the intellectual level of a consciousness.

Can we be sure about how the evolution of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS) began? The answer is no. Only from outside of a given system can one see the beginning of that system. Because we, as subsets of consciousness, are within the LCS, we can do no more than start My Big TOE with an assumption that, at the beginning of the beginning, some sort of primordial consciousness existed. Occam’s razor suggests starting with the fewest and simplest assumptions, and that is where My Big TOE has started.

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