Reality Wide Web (RWW)

[My Big TOE Term]

The RWW is a metaphor highlighting the interconnectedness of all consciousness within the Larger Consciousness System (LCS).

The RWW is the master network of all consciousness. Everything in existence is connected because it is evolving as part of one source, one substance, one medium, one fractal, one Big Picture, one consciousness – the LCS.

The RWW metaphor conveys the idea that every piece of information, every entity and every reality frame within the LCS has a unique “address” (like an Internet URL) which can be used to access that information, contact that entity or revisit that reality frame.

An individual in Physical Matter Reality (PMR), once fully aware in Non-Physical Matter Reality (NPMR), can filter the RWW and access any specific address with their intent. However, this requires unique knowledge and identification of the address being sought. And unlike with the Internet – the World Wide Web – there is no “search engine” via which one can find addresses on the RWW that one doesn’t know already.

This is why it is possible, say, to communicate telepathically with individuals one knows from this PMR, or to revisit reality frames one has already been to – it suffices to think of these individuals or places with a strong, stable and focused intent. It is also why it is impossible to communicate with individuals or access places in PMR or NPMR about which one has absolutely no information – one has to be introduced to these entities or places by others who do know the respective RWW “addresses”.

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