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Themed Playlists

Here is a curated selection of playlists from Tom’s YouTube channel to explore.

My Big TOE Science Trilogy and Bonus Content

Science, math, virtual reality, the Schrödinger’s Cat experiment in real time, the Zeno effect, and the double slit experiment are explained by Tom Campbell’s big theory of everything science trilogy.

Included in this playlist are additional science videos from the My Big TOE perspective such as dark energy, new physics, explaining the type of experiments Tom has designed, Tom’s Park (a virtual reality Tom designed and created) and paradoxes that the My Big TOE model solves.

Conscious Computers

My Big TOE predicts that computers may in the future become conscious – not because they would be able to “produce” consciousness (after all, consciousness is fundamental and computers are just part of the virtual universe) but if they can function as silicon-based avatars that Individuated Units of Consciousness (IUOCs) might find it worthwhile logging on to. For that to happen, such computers would need to provide decision spaces that allow IUOCs to make morally relevant free-will choices from which they can learn and grow.

Tom Campbell Answers Your Questions

Donna curates and asks Tom questions that have been brought to her by others.


Short (2-20 minute) clips around a specific topic or question.

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