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It takes a bit of time to learn how the various aspects of My Big TOE come together to yield one coherent, unifying model of reality. If you prefer watching videos over reading long texts, here is some essential material to be watched. 

What to Expect

If you have not yet seen any of Tom’s videos or read any of the My Big TOE books, this short video is a good place to start. Tom explains, in simple terms, how everything in life begins to make sense when we think of ourselves as players logged on to a virtual reality game computed by an evolving, conscious information system.

Two Alternative Approaches

The videos below represent two complementary approaches to My Big TOE – two different ways of understanding that consciousness is fundamental to reality and matter is not. You can take the objective, scientific findings of modern physics to their only logical conclusion; or you can subjectively explore the far reaches of your own consciousness. Tom Campbell did both, which is how he derived the complete My Big TOE model of reality. 

For the Science-Minded

If you prefer a scientific, step-by-step introduction into the nature of reality, with Tom demonstrating how you can derive the My Big TOE virtual reality model from physics, this lecture series is your place to start. Part 1 provides an overview of the model, Parts 4 through 6 go into more detail of the theory, and Parts 5 through 7 are about practical exercises in exploring the capabilities of consciousness.

For Intuitive Personality Types

If you have a more holistic, intuitive understanding of the world, you may prefer starting out with Tom’s retelling of how he gained insights into the nature of reality through drug-free, first-hand exploration of altered states of consciousness.

"In Reality" Interview (2020)

Digging Deeper

Check Out the Video Search Tools

If you would like to get a better grasp of some key concepts before reading the entire My Big TOE trilogy, you can use two powerful tools to search Tom’s entire YouTube channel by keyword or full-text search.

Read the MBT Book Trilogy

If the various introductions to MBT have given you an appetite for more, then the book trilogy is a must-read. On 824 pages full of good-humored conversation, it explains how physics, metaphysics, psychology and the paranormal all logically go together once you understand that consciousness is the fundamental ground of reality.

Experience the Larger Reality for Yourself

Many people are unaware that anyone can gather first-hand evidence that consciousness is more fundamental than physical reality. Just how to do this is what Tom has been teaching at his workshops. Thanks to this self-practice audio tool you can now explore the larger reality in the comfort of your own home.

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