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T-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, mugs – all this and more is available from the My Big TOE Merchandise Store in various colors, shapes and sizes. You can even find an MBT-themed dog bandana, backpack or sofa cushion! Choose among many visuals created by fellow MBT enthusiasts or create your own design using your favorite MBT quote.

Support CUSAC by Buying MBT Merchandise

Logo of the Center for Unification

The neat thing about purchasing MBT merchandise is the fact that 100% of all profits generated through the MBT Merchandise Store are donated to CUSAC, the non-profit organization Tom created to help finance his quantum physics experiments. So you can wear high-quality clothing, spread the My Big TOE message and help get the experiments done – all with just one purchase!

Visit the Store

Powered by Spreadshirt, the MBT Merchandise Store offers 100+ articles in more than 30 different colors and in all sizes. Combine any item of your choice with the MBT design you like best.

screenshot from the MBT Spreadshot showing four product samples (bags and hoodies) in different colors

Meet Our Designers

Credit goes to some fine artists within the MBT community for creating the cool designs below. Check out their websites to learn more about their other work.

Justin Snodgrass

Carly Bouwman (Vivo Fine Art & Design)

Jens Walter

Get Creative

Is your favorite MBT quote missing? For those feeling inspired to use the available designs with other wordmarks, there’s a GoogleDoc available on the shop website containing a long list of Tom quotes to choose from.

If you happen to be a designer and would like to see your design become available for everybody interested in MBT, please do get in touch. Spreadshirt requires a PNG, SVG, PSD or AI graphics file in an isolated (transparent) form sized max. 4000×4000 pixels. Ideally (but not necessarily) it should work on different background colors. You will be mentioned with your name and website here and in the store for your contribution, if you like.

If you don’t feel create yourself but have a particular design or quote you would like to see featured on the products available in this shop, please let us know, and we’ll do our part to help manifest it in the physical.

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