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My Big TOE has the potential to reach many more people yet. Your donation can help make this a reality.

Why Donate?

Uniquely among models of reality, My Big TOE (MBT) logically and scientifically explains why becoming love is the very purpose of our existence. With humanity facing an unparalleled risk of self-annihilation, spreading this message is more important than ever. A Big Picture understanding of reality should not only accelerate a paradigm shift in science, but also help more and more people understand who they really are, what their life’s purpose is, and how to achieve it.

Helping as many people as possible see a bigger picture is Tom’s life mission. This is why almost all MBT content has always been freely accessible to everybody. This includes more than a thousand hours of YouTube videos and the first English edition of the complete book trilogy. Participation in the Fireside Chats, the MBT Forum and many MBT Events is also free.

If any free MBT content has been of value to you,
please help spread this gift to others

How Donations Are Used

Your donation in support of My Big TOE helps Tom and his team to continue producing freely accessible, ad-free content and explore new communication channels and products. Donations are used to cover expenses such as server and production costs, buying and maintaining the equipment and facilities necessary for producing and editing high-quality video and audio products and to support the many thousands of hours required to continuously generate helpful, high-quality content.

Support My Big TOE

Support CUSAC

Logo of the Center for Unification

Tom set up the Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness (CUSAC) to manage the funds raised for carrying out the quantum physics experiments he devised to provide further evidence that our physical reality is in fact virtual. Thanks to the generous participants in the 2018 Kickstarter campaign, the first experiments can now be carried out, yet more resources will be needed to perform all seven. In the future, CUSAC may also be able to fund other people’s research into the virtual nature of our physical universe. You can support this mission by donating to CUSAC directly or by making CUSAC a beneficiary of your online shopping.

CUSAC is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation under U.S. law. This is why all direct donations to CUSAC are tax-deductible in the United States. If you live outside the U.S., you may want to check if donations to CUSAC are tax-deductible in your country too.

Enjoy VIP Supporters Q&A Sessions

To thank all the generous people who support MBT financially, Tom holds special online Q&A sessions for contributors. Because the questions asked at these meet-ups have great value for the wider MBT community as well, the sessions are recorded and published so as to benefit the largest possible audience.

Contributing as little as $10 a month or making a $100 one-time donation entitles you to take part in these unique Q&A events!

August 2023

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