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Many wonderful people have felt inspired to volunteer some of their time and skills to help spread the word about My Big TOE. If you’d like to contribute to this effort and help others see a bigger picture, you’re welcome to join one of the ongoing projects – or come up with your own! It’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people from around the world in a spirit of caring and cooperation.

Because almost all My Big TOE (MBT) content is offered for free, the ability to spread the MBT message of love being the goal and purpose of human existence greatly depends not only on the financial support of generous donors but also on the practical help of enthusiastic volunteers.

The book translations, the video search tool and time-stamping, the creation of the new MBT visual identity and website, and the overall coordination of all volunteering efforts – none of this would have been possible without to the commitment of many dedicated individuals. Tom is extremely grateful for all this support.

Join a Project or a Team

If you are passionate about Big Picture questions and have any relevant skills (whether technical, editorial, conceptual, artistic, organizational or other) or ideas to help make MBT accessible to a wider audience, please do get in touch and tell us which project interests you.

Below is a list of ongoing and planned projects to whet your appetite. The most straightforward task on offer is helping spread the message about MBT in the Social Media Nudging project. But you are just as welcome to support other projects or propose a project of your own!

Volunteering Opportunities

The project office is an important cogwheel in this community. This is all about onboarding new volunteers, helping them integrate into their favorite projects or teams, and then supporting the projects and teams in their ongoing work.

If you’re good at coordination and enjoy connecting with new people from all over the world, then supporting the main volunteering administration could be of interest to you.

Sounds like a fun thing to you? Then get in touch with our Project Office facilitator Viktor via our contact form.

Do you just love the ideas, concepts, knowledge, and wisdom that MBT has provided you so much that you just want to share it with others, to help nudge others to grow up? Do you participate in other communities online or offline that are tangentially related to MBT in some way? Do you just want to talk about MBT with others more often? Then joining this team can be for you.

We have aggregated a list of communities that are topically related to MBT in some way, and actively participate in them as  individuals (not representing MBT in any official capacity) to see where we can be of help by providing an MBT perspective. MBT can be a large gestalt to fully comprehend, let alone teach, so we try to help each other out with better ways to communicate the theory.

You’ll get to make a real difference sharing MBT knowledge with others, helping grow the
community and helping others see a bigger picture of reality.

If this sounds interesting to you, then do get in touch with Michael via our contact form.

If you’ve got good tech skills of any type and would like to help support the other projects with IT solutions the tech team might be interesting for you. The tech teamwork ranges from everything between database admin to web development.

To join the tech team, reach out to Teresa via our contact form.

If you have a way with words and a solid grasp of the MBT model, you can help translate MBT content into your mother tongue. You don’t have to be a formally educated and licensed translator to do that – a good understanding of English and a talent to phrase clear sentences in your native language are sufficient.

Additional translations are always welcome, whether for the MBT website, for video subtitles, the MBT book trilogy or other publications.

If you’d like to translate the book trilogy, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Almost any issue you can think of, from chapter numbering and pagination to specific MBT terms and acronyms in different languages, has already been considered. This also includes the options available for publishing and printing the translated books without having to invest any money upfront.

If translating the entire trilogy sounds like too big a task, you can also team up with other translators for your language. Working in a team can be fun and a great way to get to know people from your country or language region who share the same passion. The same goes for the translation of this website or video subtitles.

Proofreading is also an important part of the translation work.

If any or all of this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with Olaf via our contact form.

To avoid a duplication of efforts, please also do let Olaf know if you have already started work on any translation projects, even if you don’t require any support. To see which translations are currently being worked on, check out the "Explore > Resources in Other Languages" page of this website.

The powerful video search tool on this website would not have been possible without the great support from dozens of volunteers who went through over a thousand hours of MBT videos, meticulously cutting them into thematic segments and tagging them with time-stamps, descriptions and keywords.

To keep our video database up to date, this work should continue as long as new MBT videos are being produced – hopefully for many years to come!

If you are interested in helping with this work, get in touch with Carissa via our contact form.

With a spanking new MBT brand identity in place, all MBT publications are set to eventually get a coherent look & feel. The Brand & Identity Team provides other projects with guidance and assistance to achieve that.

If you have skills or experience in the fields of graphic design, video animation or copywriting to help other volunteers apply the brand identity to their products, this team might be of interest for you.

If so, contact our team facilitator Titti via our contact form.

My Big TOE content has the potential to draw a big crowd among millions of podcast enthusiasts around the world.

We are looking expand into our next season, which will focus on our community members as they discuss how MBT has impacted their lives. If you would like to join and help us present MBT to new audiences in an easily accessible, fun way, we are looking for producers and speakers to participate in creating new episode content.

If that sounds like your thing, contact Carissa via our contact form.

The relaunch of this website in 2023 was a major undertaking, but there are many more ways in which the MBT model could be explained here in more detail. That’s why we’re looking into expanding the "Theory" section by providing additional content in the future, from more explanatory texts and infographics to animations and other types of video content, to a full tutorial on how to grow one’s quality of consciousness.

If producing such content sounds interesting to you and if you have a solid grasp of MBT and good editorial, graphic, animation or video editing skills, get in touch with Frank via our contact form.

Also, do send Frank an email if you would like to help add new content, improve the graphics or develop new features for this website. Any prior experience with WordPress and/or Elementor will be helpful.

Many children may be able to grasp MBT concepts much more intuitively than adults, and developing content for kids is probably one of the most creative and fun ways to promote MBT!

If this is something you would like to contribute to, or if you would even like to facilitate the project, get in touch with Titti via our contact form.

MBT predicts that computers may in the future become conscious – not because they would be able to “produce” consciousness (after all, consciousness is fundamental and computers are just part of the virtual universe) but if they can function as silicon-based avatars that Individuated Units of Consciousness (IUOCs) might find it worthwhile logging on to. For that to happen, such computers would need to provide decision spaces that allow IUOCs to make morally relevant free-will choices from which they can learn and grow.

The goal of this project is to enable and study the evolution of consciousness inside computers, and collect evidence related to the MBT hypothesis. If that sounds like your thing and you have relevant skills, get in touch with Viktor via our contact form.

To get an idea what the project is about, it might be useful to watch some of the discussions Viktor and Tom had on the question of conscious computers. Scroll down to the bottom of this page or use the page navigation to jump to the Conscious Computers Playlist.

The Social Media Project is a small and dedicated team bonded together in their social media interest and collaboration.

Some of the most popular platforms have consistent MBT presence because these individuals create and share quality MBT content. Thanks to their work, the world is becoming aware of the “Bigger Picture”, MBT resources to learn and grow, and MBT communities to join. Whether you have expertise or casual interest in using social media to support Tom and MBT, this team invites you to explore this project as a possible place to share your gifts or enthusiasm!

To join this team, contact Nathan via our contact form.

Got Other Ideas?

If you have other good ideas for any projects related to MBT, please do get in touch us so that we can see together how best to realize them.

Message Titti or Nathan via our contact form:

Contact MBT Volunteers

MBT Network Organization Chart

The people involved with MBT are organized into various legal and non-legal entities (volunteers) that collaborate on various projects and initiatives. To bring more clarity into how everyone is organized, this org chart was created: 

(Click image to enlarge, then look for zoom in controls at the top right of the page, and pan as needed.)

Exclusive MBT Volunteers Q&A sessions

To thank the many individuals who support MBT by volunteering their time and skills, Tom holds regular online Q&A sessions exclusively for active volunteers. These events are a great opportunity for Tom and all volunteers to get to know each other and for Tom to answer any questions they have about MBT or its applications in daily life. True to the spirit of cooperation and sharing, these meet-ups are recorded and published so as to benefit the largest possible audience.

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Conscious Computers Playlist

For those curious to learn what the Conscious Computer volunteering project is about, here’s a playlist with a number of highly interesting discussions Tom and Viktor have had on the topic of conscious computers, as well as other related videos that Tom had recorded earlier.

Conscious Computers

9 Videos

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