Our System (OS)

[My Big TOE Term]

OS is a high-level descriptor of the larger “place” we live in: it encompasses our physical universe (Physical Matter Reality, PMR) plus the subset of Non-Physical Matter Reality (NPMR) that is interactive with PMR.

OS is our home-base reality — the reality system in which we primarily interact.

OS is composed of interactive elements that are both physical (such as sentient beings, information, energy, physical matter, organizations, PMR physics, all physical forms, and assorted critters) and non-physical (such as sentient beings, information, energy, non-physical matter, organizations, NPMR physics, all thought forms, and assorted critters).

Tom Campbell has been exploring consciousness for several decades. His mastery of the out-of-body experience enabled him to visit multiple reality frames outside of our PMR.

Nested Reality Systems of PMRs and NPMRs

During his explorations Tom found that PMRs (with tight rulesets) and NPMRs (with looser rulesets) seem to be nested within each other in a systematic manner. Just like the VRs programmed by us humans are contained within the larger VR that is our physical universe (PMR), so PMRs seem to be contained within reality frames which one would characterize as NPMRs.

In the third book of the My Big TOE trilogy, Tom has visualized the larger structure of these reality systems in the following way:

Graph showing how PMR reality frames are nested within NPMR reality frames

Note how our PMR is nested within OS, which itself is part of our “parent” NPMR. Also note that the reality systems outlined above are but a vanishingly small part of Big Picture reality, which in its totality is way too vast ever to be explored from a human, PMR perspective.

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