[My Big TOE Term]

The Big Computer (TBC)

TBC is a metaphor for a subset of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS) that stands for the functionality and process of computing and rendering our physical reality (PMR) and its underlying hierarchy of nested reality frames.

TBC does not represent anything mystical or magical, just a huge (but finite), fast, mundane number cruncher running excellent, but not perfect software.

There are multiple TBCs within the LCS, each serving a given system such as the one which contains our PMR and linked NPMR.

On a more local level, the part of TBC that deals with providing data streams to individual entities is also called the Virtual Reality Rendering Engine.

On a more cosmic level, the Even Bigger Computer (EBC) represents a superset of TBC that is used by all of the Absolute Unbounded Manifold.

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