Absolute Unbounded Oneness (AUO)

[My Big TOE Term]

AUO is the conjectured origin of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS), the starting point of consciousness evolution, the One Source of everything that exists.

AUO is a logical consequence of the two fundamental assumptions on which the MBT model is built:

  1. consciousness exists
  2. a Fundamental Process of evolution exists

Physicists can mathematically wind back the expansion of the universe to conjecture what its state just after the Big Bang might have been. In the same way we can, in a thought experiment, wind back the evolution of the LCS. We thus arrive at the logical starting point: a mere potential for primordial consciousness which My Big TOE calls AUO – a dim awareness with the ability to evolve all the attributes of consciousness we know from our own subjective experience.

My Big TOE conjectures that AUO actualized its evolutionary potential through its ability to self-modify, change states and develop complexity. In a process similar to exponential biological cell division, AUO developed an internal structure of “reality cells”, akin to memory cells on a computer memory chip. Consciousness thus became an information system. At that stage, AUO can still be imagined as one “monolithic block” of consciousness.

As AUO grew in self-awareness it realized that its evolutionary purpose was to lower its entropy (to create more structure, content, meaning). As a result, its evolution became more intentional and goal-oriented. AUO discovered that the most efficient way to keep lowering its entropy would be to split itself up into an unfathomably vast number of different entities interacting with free will (Individuated Units of Consciousness). The oneness (AUO) turned into a manifold (Absolute Unbounded Manifold, AUM). Consciousness became a social system. This is still the state that the LCS/AUM is in today.

Graph visualizing the evolution of AUO into AUM/the LCS

Note that the term AUO is strictly metaphorical: in actuality, AUO can be neither absolute nor unbounded because nothing real can be infinite – AUO only appears to be absolute, unbounded and infinite from the necessarily limited perspective of our Physical Matter Reality (PMR).

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